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If you can't make it to Missoula for a class, or if you would like your own private event, Audra is available for classes off-site, or at your behest. Please contact her for details.

One-on-One Classes

Perhaps you would like some one-on-one instruction, or have a specific project you'd like assistance with. Rates are $60/hour for a private consult. Contact Audra for scheduling.


Previous Events

The Big and the Small

The Big and the Small

MOLLI courses expose learners to Montana's best teachers, including emeritus and current UM faculty, as well as professionals and scholars from the community. Program offerings include three 6-week terms a year, short courses, member presentations, and special member events covering topics that range from the Humanities, Fine Arts, Natural and Social Sciences, as well as Political and Current Affairs.

Audra will be presenting her 6-week course, "Book as Technology: Bookbinding and the Evolution of the Book."    Please visit the MOLLI website for the program application form.


Program Description

Books are elegant and ubiquitous pieces of technology that have been refined over hundreds of years. They function as compact representatives of ourselves and transmit whatever we fill them with: art, literature, science, law, etc. This course will provide an overview of the evolution of the book as object, its role as a means of communication, the societies that developed the predecessors to our modern book, how books have knit various communities together, the many instances of wholesale destruction of books, the differences between the physical and digital reading, and the modern proliferation of book-arts. 

Fridays, September 29 – November 3, 9:00 am – 10:30 am, Todd Building, UM

Optional Textbook: The Book: The Life Story of a Technology
Nicole Howard, Johns Hopkins University Press.


Shakespeare Folger Library First Folio tour

The Folger Shakespeare Library in conjunction with ALA is sending the First Folio to all 50 states, with a stay from May 9th - 31st here in Missoula. On May 25th, Audra will be participating in a MOLLI symposium about the history of the folios entitled: Blockbuster Book for the Ages: A Panel Discussion of Shakespeare's Folio. Check out the MOLLI website for more details.